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MONA: Tassie Eccentricities

A tiny landmass, separated from the isolated continent of Australia, Tasmania floats; its luscious green mountains separated by sporadically placed bodies of water. It is on this island of Tasmania, upon one of these mountains, and a ferry trip away... Continue Reading →

Painting GIFs

For a while, I have imagined a modern, magical gallery where the paintings move, in what I guess would have to be electronic frames, as GIFs. Painting time lapses on youtube are mesmerising, and I have a few on my... Continue Reading →

Second Summer Project

This time last year, I was a fresher beginning university for the first time. For my summer project I illustrated a post card. This year's summer project involved a film projection, audio, and the building of a 'wall'. The final piece... Continue Reading →

Art Mediums Inside My Computer

Summer is here, and I have been plein air painting, in a way, only once (see below). Most of the art I have been working on this summer has been made on the computer. This week I was treated with Photoshop.... Continue Reading →


It's been a while since my last post, and I have found that exams is a very good excuse as to why I can't do anything else. Between revision I killed time with a few projects you can see below:... Continue Reading →

Performance Day

Our most recent assignment in art was a performance, something they have been threatening since the interviews. It was also yet another group project, this time in groups of seven. Our performances were supposed to based on our books; ours... Continue Reading →

Affording Art.

I am encountering a new problem in my art practice. Exhibition is new, and so are the problems that are beginning to come with it. I wrote about the start of this new experience in Exhibition Woes, but there is something... Continue Reading →

Exhibition Woes

I don't know if I have mentioned my current assignment yet, the sculpture? It will be a 'floating boulder'. A realistic looking boulder that I have built so it will be light enough to hang, and exhibit so that it looks like... Continue Reading →

Pretty Pictures in London

I got to visit London again yesterday. That was the second time that week, but I can't get sick of London. 'When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.' (Samuel Johnson?). I was visiting my Aunty... Continue Reading →

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